A Letter from my student, Armin Ahsan
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A Letter from my student, Armin Ahsan

May 3, 2017   |    8021

This post was written by my favourite student, Armin Ahsan (Currently studying in IBA, University of Dhaka) before her admission test as a letter of gratitude.


Dear Shamir Montazid,

You make people smile with your words every day. So this is me attempting to return the favor.

Tomorrow is, according to almost everyone I know, my day of reckoning. And I know a lot of people expect a lot from me. You're probably one of them. And I want so badly to live up to all those expectations, but I won't. Probably. And before I have to face the inevitable disappointment I'm going to cause, there are a few things I'd like to say to you.


You are an incredible teacher. You make people fall in love with what you teach and the way you teach. When you first walked into that Udvash classroom and told us your story, I remember thinking you'd be a great teacher. Maybe a little strict, but definitely great. Looking back, I know that was a massive understatement. You have been nothing short of extraordinary. I love how engaging you are, and how you don't need to stray from topic to keep things interesting. But most of all, I love how you go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping your students.

College was two years of dreadfulness, but you made those years tolerable. I cannot possibly express in words how eagerly I looked forward to your open book quizzes. I can try to describe how much TEDEd club meant to me, but I will not be able to do it justice. Thank you, bhaiya, for encouraging my ideas, placing value on my opinions and helping me grow as a person. Thank you for every time you've made me smile and laugh. Thank you for introducing me to 10 Minute School.

I owe my knowledge of Chemistry to you. Thank you for that. But more importantly, thank you for teaching me to appreciate life.


The fact that I probably won't get into DU does not upset me. It's the thought of disappointing the people I love that does. So I suppose I should apologize in advance for that.


You are an incredible person. And I am so, so grateful to have you in my life. I'm sure you know a bunch of students who've left a mark in your life, but if I had to name just one teacher who has made the greatest contribution in mine, I would- without any hesitation- say "Shamir Montazid". Wherever I may end up, I will forever be thankful to you.


The world would have been a much better place if it had more Shamir Montazids. But, on second thought, that might be more greatness than the world can handle.


Love you

<3 You're the best!

And, once again, thank you for everything.


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