A Tribute to Dr Rafiqur Rahman
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A Tribute to Dr Rafiqur Rahman

May 4, 2017   |    8738

Teachers can shape a young mind, induce a revolution or at the very least, educate a generation. A good mentor can make you think, motivate you to do more and make you fall in love with your passion.    

I had my favorite one in the fresher and sophomore years of my university life. His name is Dr Rafiqur Rahman. An evergreen jolly mind who writes organic reaction like a piece of art. 

I remember one special day of 2013. We did a homework on Thalidomide mechanism which ignited my love for organic chemistry for ever. Later I ended up making hundred of videos in 10 Minute School on organic reactions. All because of him. 

All I needed in my university life was a good guidance. Dr Rafiqur Rahman was more than that too me. I recently visited him in his place. We had a good chat on religion and politics along with tea. Those moments are gold for me. 

Sir, what you have taught me is precious. I have learned how to be just, modest and straight-forward from you. 

Happy teachers' day, Sir. I miss you <3


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