Truth vs Reality

Truth vs Reality

Nov 16, 2017   |    6896


Truth: You think your parents have not let you pursue your dreams.

Reality: It was your lack of determination. Stop, pinning it on others.


Truth: You think you are getting fat.

Reality: You are not the only one. Also, you look cute.


Truth: You think you are poor because you can’t buy a smartphone.

Reality: Your friend is working a double shift to support his education and father’s medication. Poverty is only in your mindset. 


Truth: You think you had a rough childhood.

Reality: 155 million kids in this world can’t even afford food. So, be grateful. 


Truth: You think you are still in love with your ex.

Reality: He/she does not care. So, move on. 


Truth: You think there is something wrong with our education system.

Reality: No system is perfect. Stop complaining about it. Be the change!


Truth: You think your competitor got the job because of his dad’s connection.

Reality: Maybe he is actually better than you. Embrace it. Learn from him. Apple learns from Samsung. 


Truth: You think if you had been to a better university, you would have done better. 

Reality: Bill Gates is the richest man in this world without a university degree. So, learn how to do things. Your institution does not matter.


Truth: You think you will be happy if you are rich.

Reality: Happiness is the satisfaction of mind. Not the balance of your bank statement. So, enjoy the journey.


Truth: You think you can be successful because you are talented.

Reality: Success is 10% talent and 90% sweat. So, work harder. 

We often assume these truths to avoid the reality. But, reality will hit you hard in the face. So, learn how to face reality. 


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